World Wide Videoconferencing
In today's day and age it would be unthinkable to consider an education that does not make the most of the recent technological advances, by breaking the barriers imposed by traditional methods.
The commitment of VOS, since 2002, has been to offer educationally interactive programs via video conferencing, allowing the student access to information through educational experiences that will enhance their training in a way few other activities achieve.
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Gypsy culture in Romania Print E-mail

Gypsy culture in RomaniaGypsies, Romanies, Romani, Roma, Roms, or however we may want to call this fascinating population, are the nomads of the world. It is a truth we cannot contradict. The starting point of their emigration can be traced back to the 11th century, when they were beginning to relocate from India to the northwest. Furthermore, both linguistic and genetic evidence indicate that the Romani originated from the Indian subcontinent. The first written evidence of their arrival in Europe belongs to the Irish Franciscan monk Symon Semeonis, who calls them 'the descendants of Cain'...

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